Dilys Kulchitsky


Artist Statement

Bee's wax and tree resin!! - not what  typically came to mind when I thought  of painting pictures but when I discovered the versatility of encaustic medium and the various methods and processes I could use, I couldn't think of anything else I'd rather paint with!


I don't have any formal visual arts training so I paint intuitively.  My experiences and inspirations come from many different aspects of my life- an opera I'm singing in, photographs I've taken on my travels, current events, music, my geographic location, the seasons and nature.


My pieces are as varied as my experiences - sometimes smooth, sometimes textured, sometimes nature inspired and embedded with dried plants, sometimes abstract and even geometrical ( thanks to spirograph!).  


My goal is to continue to discover the many opportunities that encaustic medium offers and to use and manipulate this medium to express and share my version of my world!