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My Encaustic Painting Process

Encaustic painting is a process in which a little bit of damar resin (tree sap) is added to bees wax and it's all melted on a heated pallet.  Pigments can be added for colour.


I dip my paint brush into the molten encaustic medium and paint it onto either birchwood panels, encaustic card/paper or other porous yet hard surfaces. It comes to room temperature immediately and hardens so I use a blowtorch or heat gun to gently heat it up so that it fuses to the wood or encaustic paper. 

I repeat this process multiple times adding more and more layers of medium and fusing each layer with the blow-torch/heat gun. Sometimes I embed objects into the layers, so you may see some of my photographs, copper wire, copper leaf, dried flowers, thread and note papers. I have even incorporated a loved one's ashes into a painting of a special place. 

I carve, etch and even scrape away layers to create texture and dimension and then I use the bits and pieces I've scraped away in other paintings!

If you see something you like, don't hesitate to contact me! If you don't see something you like and have an idea I'd love to chat!  You can see most of these paintings in person at Night of Artists Gallery and Gifts @ Bonnie Doon Centre. 

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