Art & Music


Bee's wax and tree resin!! - not what usually came to mind when I thought of painting pictures but when I discovered the versatility of encaustic medium and the range of techniques and methods I could use, I never considered another painting medium!

I don't have any formal visual arts training so I paint intuitively.  My experiences and inspirations come from many different aspects of my life- an opera I'm singing in, photographs I've taken on my travels, current events, music, my geographic location, the seasons and nature.


My pieces are as varied as my experiences - sometimes smooth, sometimes rough, abstract or real-"ish", sometimes textured, sometimes nature inspired and sometimes embedded with dried plants or other objects - but always keeping bees and the environment in mind!

Bees are crucial to our world and they work SO incredibly hard to make the wax I use in my paintings.  I try my best to think of this and the environment and I try not to waste my encaustic medium.  I do this by fusing the scrapings and carvings from one painting into other paintings, or by wiping my hot pallet with Japanese Wasi paper to use as collage material in other paintings and I even incorporate copper wire from my husband's electrician days pre-retirement.

My goal is to continue to discover the many opportunities that encaustic medium offers and to use and manipulate this medium to express and share my version of my world while trying my best not to waste.


I come from a long line of altos, tenors, pianists, sopranos, violin players, baritones etc. -needless to say, music is a HUGE part of who I am.  My dad was an opera singer and my mom a pianist so I heard music every day from the womb on! 

I took Royal Conservatory piano lessons from the ages of 6-14yr and I sang in choirs as well.

I can't remember a time when I wasn't singing in some type of vocal ensemble - from 50 voice choruses to being one of 3 back-up singers in a blues band.  

I have an ok voice (thanks to my heritage/genes and vocal coaching from my mom and dad) but my "thing", my passion is harmonizing. I can't NOT harmonize!  Melody? No thanks!


It started when I was about 3, I just started harmonizing in the car one day. It was just something I did.  I heard the notes that were missing and I filled them in.

I do it in my head ALL. THE. TIME

And sometimes, I do it in my outside voice.  If you need some harmonies - I can help!